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We made our own magnet fishing games!

Testing our Magnetic Mazes!

Magnet Challenge - Try to get the paperclip out, without getting your fingers wet!

Testing objects in the classroom to see if they're magnetic

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Seachtain na Gaeilge!

Cillian with his winning picture for the, 'Be Green, Be Cool and Walk to School' poster competition!

Happy Mother's Day!

Science experiments with our buddies!

Seatbelt Sheriff Awards!

We got our Seatbelt Sheriff awards from the Road Safety Authority!

Chinese New Year

Celebrating the Chinese New Year in 1st Class!

Valentines Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from Ms. Martin's First Class!

Power Hour

Power Hour in Ms. Martin's Class 

Working hard on our literacy and reading 

Art Competition! 

Alex – proud winner of 1st class art competition - to decorate the lyrics for ‘The Rainbow Connection’ song!

St. Brigid's Cross

Celebrating St. Brigid’s Day in 1st Class by making our own ‘Cros Bríd’.

Stained Glass Windows

Presenting our Stained Glass Windows at the school assembly!

Science experiments with our buddies!

Maths week Scavenger hunt!

Decorating our gingerbread men!

Decorating our Christmas trees!

Playgrounds designed and made by 1st class - using recycled objects!

Skylines made by 1st Class exploring, 'Centre of Gravity'.

Presenting our ‘Skylines’ at School Assembly and telling the school what we learned about ‘Centre of gravity’.

Testing out our helicopters!

Exploring how things fall - We learned that varying the size of the rotor blades and the weight of a paper helicopter affect the way a helicopter spins.

Autumn Trees

Goal Jersey Day

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