Christmas Play

Drop Everything and Dance

Science Week



On Tuesday, Ms Carson arranged to put music on the intercom so we could dance to the music. About every 30 minutes music came on. Even if we were in the middle of doing work we would drop everything and dance to the song. Every time the music came on we could hear the class beside us dancing. Mr Kenna wasn’t happy when the music came on because he was in the middle of explaining something. Louis and Jack came into our class and videoed us dancing. We went down to the hall and danced to the music Mr Kenna put on. Near home time we went outside and did the train and danced!!! We had great fun.

Our Nativity Play!


On the 14th of December 2015 4th class held their Nativity Play in the hall. When we all came into the classroom disaster struck, Herod was missing!!! Luckily one of the Nazarene’s stepped up to the role of Herod. We invited Junior Infants to 3rd class at a quarter to eleven until half eleven. We really enjoyed it. We had our lunch and then got ready for our next performance. Our next performance was at a quarter to one until half one. The two 5th classes, 6th and our parents came to the 2nd performance.   


By Sarah, Tara and Bláithin

A visit from the Irish army

On the 22nd of September 2015 our school had a visit from two members of the Irish Defence Force. They were presenting a Republic of Ireland flag and a copy of the 1916 Proclamation to our school to commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. The whole school was in the hall. It was a great day.

By Holly Doyle and Emma Fee

GOAL Jersey Day

Halloween 2015

On October 23rd the whole school dressed up in their Halloween costumes. There was a parade in the morning around the yard. The witches came around to all the classes and gave us candy. We watched a movie. The best person dressed up in our class was Tiffany (Josh L). We went home sick with all the candy. Mr Kenna dressed up as a Celtic Footballer.

Maths Week


On Monday, the 12th of October 2015 we started Maths Week. Each day we had a task to do. On Monday we had “Numbers Day”. We had to research the number on the back of our class door which was 2. We had to look up facts about number 2, and surprisingly, there were loads of them. On Tuesday we had “Shapes Day”. On “Shapes Day”, we had to make a picture from shapes. Some were 2D and some were 3D. On Wednesday we had “Data Day”. We had to construct charts. We had to construct pie charts and bar charts. Our work was displayed in the hall.

By Conor, Robbie and Ben.R