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Science Experiment

Emily, Gracie and Jessica have expressed interest in performing a science experiment for the whole class every Friday. The girls have been very excited about it and have been planning their experiments for weeks! On Friday the 2nd of February, they brought in some corn starch, water and red paint to show us just how easy it is to make your own ‘oobleck’, which, as the girls explained, is a substance that is neither a liquid nor a solid. They presented their experiment very clearly and everyone enjoyed watching and touching the oobleck after it was made. We are excited to see what experiments they have in store for us next!

Jungle Collage Art

The artist we will study this month is Henri Rousseau. He is a French artist from the 19th century who painted beautiful jungle pictures without ever setting foot in the jungle himself. Instead he got his inspiration from studying the tropical plants at the botanic gardens in Paris. We found his paintings very detailed and colourful and were inspired to make some jungle collages of our own out of coloured paper.

Class Plants

We got new class plants!
We got a cactus, an evergreen shrub and a flowering hyacinth. Dora, Caoimhe and Gracie are taking care of watering them at the moment.
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