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Reading with Our Buddies!

Pancake Tuesday!

Full of Talent and Creativity

Take a peek at some of our achievements and creations over the past few months…
I got a big Lego set for Christmas. It was the Simpson’s House. It was a hard set to build because there was well over 1000 pieces in it. I needed a bit of help from my mom’s friend. I took over two weeks to build.     ~ Finn
I won 3 medals and a big trophy in an Irish Dancing competition. It was in Meath, an hour away. It was a huge competition. I was against 50 other children. I came 2nd and I got to stand on the podium. I won the trophy for a dance called The Reel.  A 12 year old girl won 1st place. I brought my awards to school, to show my class. I also performed a short dance for them.   ~Addyson

Amazing Artwork!

Problem Solvers

Viking Creations

3rd Class were learning about The Vikings in history. Our class focused on different themes for group projects. The themes were weapons, transport, homes, writing, raids, clothes, jobs and beliefs.

I was part of the Viking Weapons group. We did a group project but I also made a Viking shield with my dad. It took 4 hours. We used a jigsaw tool to cut it. We used a blow torch to dry the paint. We also used special wood glue to stick the silver balls onto it.

My granddad also helped a lot.                                                                          

                                                                                                          ~ Addyson  

I was part of the Viking Transport group. We did a group project but I also made a Viking Longboat with my minder Irene. We used 400 lollipop sticks. It took two weeks to make. It took one gallon of glue.

                                                                                                          ~ Cormac 


I was part of the Viking Homes group. We did a group project but I we also decided to build a Viking Home together. We used a cardboard box, straws, sticks and clay. It took a while to design but we got there in the end.

                                                                                                          ~ Emily 

                                                                                                          ~ David 

                                                                                                          ~ Grace 

                                                                                                          ~ Jessica 

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