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Math Stations in 2nd Class, Ms Donnelly

Izak9 cubes in 2nd class, Ms Donnelly

3D Shapes in 4th class, Ms Dunne

Measuring distances and perimeters in 4th class, Ms Dunne

Math Trail in 1st class, Ms Martin

2D shapes in 1st class, Ms Martin

Whole School Number Day, Presenting facts about numbers

IZAK9 Cubes in 3rd class, Ms Gibson

6th class Math Trail, Ms Burns

We were studying length in Maths. Our teacher set up some problems for us to solve. We took measurements of the yard and worked on puzzles in the hall. We used trundle wheels and metre sticks. We recorded our measurements to work out area and perimeter of different areas in the school grounds.

Measuring Length in 3rd class, Ms Gibson

Math Week , 3rd class, Ms Gibson

During Maths Week, we enjoyed making 3D shapes using cocktail sticks and marshmallows. It was quite tricky to keep them stable so we added extra cocktail sticks for strength.

We also enjoy exploring different maths problems in our groups, using the IZAK9 cubes.

We like working in pairs and groups when exploring different topics such problem solving with money and measuring different things in our classroom.

Money Problem Solving, 3rd class, Ms Gibson

Exploring the properties of 2D shapes and making pictures with them in groups, 4th class, Ms Klein

Learning about the circumference, diameter and radius of a circle and measuring the diameter of different circular things around the classroom, 4th class, Ms Klein

Learning how to fold paper circles to make hexagons and octagons, 4th class, Ms Klein

Working in groups to solve math puzzle – ‘How many triangles can you make with a given number of lollipop sticks?’, 4th class, Ms Klein

Conceptualising division by using cubes and organising them in groups, 4th class, Ms Klein

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