Our Trip to the Pearse Museum - 29th Jan 2016

We went to the Padraig Pearse Museum. The time we went was 9:15.

We went with Ms’ O Doherty’s Class, Ms Jones’ Class, Ms Mullvihill ,Ms Cunningham and last of all our SNA Aideen. We saw guns and swords that were used during the 1916 Rising , we saw the cups that Padraig Pearse and his brother drank out of the day before

they fought in the 1916 Rising .We went to the nature room this was outside the Padraig Pearse Museum but they added it because Padraig Pearse loved nature. In the nature room there were dead animals stuffed. The creatures that were not stuffed were scorpions, spiders, bees and other creatures. The animals that were not stuffed were like foxes, owls mountain goats and many more.


By Frankie and Jasmine

Making and hanging bird feeders - Friday 18th Sept 2015 Second Class Ms Burns

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