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We were well represented at the Santry Sports where we had eight relay teams competing and a number
of individuals. They did us proud. The following are the results.
U10 Boys relay team: Silver
U11 Boys relay team: Bronze
U12 Girls relay: Bronze
U12 Boys relay team: Bronze
U10 Boys sprint: Harry Shannon: Silver
U14 Boys sprint: David Roche: Bronze.
Many thanks to all the boys and girls who participated and trained during their lunch times and to Ms.
Dunne, Ms. Gibson and Ms. Callender who worked with them.

Our Gardening Weekend!

Thank you to all the parents who came to tidy up our garden on Saturday. They did a fantastic job. Many thanks to Ms. Garland & Julie Walsh who co-ordinated the effort.


There is never a dull moment here at Our Lady of the Wayside!
A bee swarm is a fascinating sight. Although it may unnerve some people, we were able to witness one first hand today at school.  We think the bees were looking for a new place to make a home, and they decided our school was the best place for them!
Thankfully Liam, the Beekeeper, was on hand to come and move the bees to a safer environment where they will continue to thrive.

Cake Sale

Ms Gibson's Third Class were delighted to be host a bake sale this in aid of Temple Street Children's Hospital. 

All classes got involved in helping to raise much needed funds.

It ran so well and 3rd Class are very proud and also very appreciative. 

A special thanks to 6th Class, Ms. Gibson, Kathleen and Gillian Lynch who were brilliant helpers and organisers.

So far we have raised nearly €1000 for a great cause.

Thank you again, you were great customers.


Comórtas Claisceadal na Céime

A big well done to Ms. Dunne's 4th Class who placed 1st in the Comórtas Claisceadal na Céime. Many thanks to Taobh na Coille for hosting the event and to all of the other competitors!

Trócaire 2018

Many thanks to everyone who supported the Trócaire campaign this year.

We raised almost €2,000!

Daffodil Day 2018

Many thanks to everyone who supported our Daffodil Day today.

We raised almost €800!

A special thanks to the Parents Association for all their help in organising today.

Intel Mini Scientist

The Mini Scientist Competition 2017 kicked off in October with nearly 8,000 students taking part from over 135 different schools across the country. The regional finals took place in Shannon, Dublin, and Cork throughout the month of December with 28 projects chosen to go on to the Grand National Final at the Helix in DCU on the 2nd of February 2018. As a result of our participation, we received another plaque for our collection!

Andy Gibbons 3rd Class Inter-school Hurling Tournament 

The very popular Andy Gibbons 3rd Class Inter-school Hurling tournament was held over recent weeks with the finals taking place on Thursday, 15 March in the Naomh Olaf GAA Club Hall.  Kilkenny man Gibbons, the first Naomh Olaf Club Games Promotion Officer, instituted this competition in 1998.  It has served as a source of great excitement and enjoyment for students, parents and indeed teachers in participating schools in the Dundrum / Sandyford area.  And Andy himself, now a sprightly 83 years of age, organises the competition with current club GPO, Eddie Bouabbse, and with great assistance from Joey Jackson and Dave Kinsella.

The students are the real winners, developing their hurling skills and enjoying the intensity of competition where they all, boys and girls, give everything for the pride of their primary schools.

Finals day on 15 March was another great day with a large attendance who roared their lungs out and all the young players were winners.

Naomh Muire Cois Bóthair (Our Lady of the Wayside) overcame Gaelscoil Thaobh na Coille in the Cup final!

It took an exciting penalty shoot out for Naomh Muire Cois Bóthair to overcome St. Mary's Sandyford in the Plate final after the teams finished all square in normal time.

Many thanks to Ms. Gibson and Ms. Burns for their continued support and effort with school GAA.

The Martin Family Update

Last year, Greta, Rebecca, Chloe and Katie set up a fundraiser for two kids from the Martin family who had a rare disease called Metachromatic Leukodystrophy Disorder (MLD). A parent from the school had a connection with the family and we wanted to help as they were children.


It is a disease that affects the muscles, nerve and immune system. It can affect speech and cause paralysis. Unfortunately it can cause death without treatment or if diagnosed too late.


In 2016 Les and Lynda (the parents) noticed that Cathal was having learning how to walk. This was the first symptom of MLD. Unfortunately, it was too late and he wasn’t able to get treatment. He was diagnosed and told his life expectancy would be short as the MLD had spread around his body and weakened his muscles. His MLD is terminal.

 Soon after Cathal’s diagnosis in March 2017, their younger son Ciarán was diagnosed with the same disease which is very unusual as it is a very rare disease.  Luckily he was diagnosed earlier than his brother. If he wanted to recover he would have to go to Milan for special treatment.


On the 31st of March 2017 the school raised €1,856.33 for the Martin family’s son Ciarán to go to Milan to get special treatment for the disease. We did this by getting our school to wear odd shoes and crazy hair. For doing this we asked if everyone to donate €2, if possible. We thank everyone who did as it has helped so much in getting Ciarán to Milan.                                                                                


Thankfully Ciarán’s treatment went well and he is now learning how to speak. He goes to Enable Ireland in Arklow and is now learning how to walk with a walker now. Cathal is slowly getting quieter and weaker and is enjoying spending time with his family.

We hope Ciarán has a good recovery, and we hope the family make precious memories.

Greta, Rebecca, Chloe and Katie from 5th class

Splash Bottles 


Junior Young Entrepreneur Project      

On Monday the 12th-14th of March 6th class Ms. Burns will be taking orders for our Splash Water Bottles. Forms for orders will be handed out on Friday 9th of March. The bottles are white with a royal blue sports lid and our school crest in the middle of the bottle. The bottle can hold 500ml of liquid.

€5 for 1 bottle

€8 for 2 bottles

€12 for 3 bottles

Celebrating The Chinese New Year!

Titanic Day in Ms. Donnelly's Class

Senior Infant children working together to make pizza.

We are celebrating everyone’s success in school.

3rd Class Viking Creations

3rd Class were learning about The Vikings in history. Our class focused on different themes for group projects. The themes were weapons, transport, homes, writing, raids, clothes, jobs and beliefs.

I was part of the Viking Weapons group. We did a group project but I also made a Viking shield with my dad. It took 4 hours. We used a jigsaw tool to cut it. We used a blow torch to dry the paint. We also used special wood glue to stick the silver balls onto it.

My granddad also helped a lot.                                                                          

                                                                                                          ~ Addyson  

I was part of the Viking Transport group. We did a group project but I also made a Viking Longboat with my minder Irene. We used 400 lollipop sticks. It took two weeks to make. It took one gallon of glue.

                                                                                                          ~ Cormac 


I was part of the Viking Homes group. We did a group project but I we also decided to build a Viking Home together. We used a cardboard box, straws, sticks and clay. It took a while to design but we got there in the end.

                                                                                                          ~ Emily 

                                                                                                          ~ David 

                                                                                                          ~ Grace 

                                                                                                          ~ Jessica 

A Thank You from The Peter McVerry Trust

Dear Our Lady of The Wayside National School,

On behalf of Peter McVerry Trust, I would like to thank you and all at Our Lady of the Wayside National School for your support in helping us to raise funds for our work with people who are homeless.

Congratulations on your success in raising an outstanding €1196.39, following the collection at the class Christmas plays and concerts. This was gratefully received by our office today.

Established in 1983, Peter McVerry Trust provides low-threshold entry services, primarily to young people and vulnerable adults with complex needs, and offers pathways out of homelessness based on the principles of the Housing First model.

Your support and generosity ensures that Peter McVerry Trust can provide crucial services to those who need them most.

As demand for these services continues to grow, we have expanded our range of accommodation and supports, to include new Family Hubs, which provide families experiencing homelessness with a safe and secure place to live, as well as additional emergency accommodation and long-term housing to move people out of homelessness for good.

This level of support could not happen without you. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Weldon

on behalf of Michael Thompson, Fundraising Officer


Best wishes for Christmas & the New Year, from all at Peter McVerry Trust.


Sarah Weldon
Administrator - PMVT Fundraising Office 

A   29 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1, Ireland
T   +353 (0)1 823 0776


Rehearsals Well Underway for our Christmas Plays!

Our Lady of The Wayside's Christmas Plays commence next week and rehearsals are well underway, with each class getting together to practice their scenes for the rest of the school.

Senior Infants, Ms. Hurley

5th Class, Ms. Travers

Junior Infants, Ms. Callender

Junior Infants, Ms. McCarthy

Santa Walk

The children really enjoyed the Santa Walk on Saturday 9th December. It was a great success and many thanks are due to the parents involved for all their hard work. Thank you also to the people who directed the traffic, to our photographer and also a special word of thanks to the man himself, Santa.

School Christmas Tree  

One Christmas tradition that we have in Our Lady of the Wayside is of putting up a Christmas tree and decorating it with handmade decorations made from recycled goods. The tree is now up and we are waiting to decorate it.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
Thank you to all the parents and children for taking the time and making the effort to fill a shoebox for the Team HOPE Christmas Shoebox Appeal. 181 boxes were collected today and these boxes will make some little girls and boys very happy this Christmas!
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