Floating Eggs

       Vinegar Volcano

Tornado in a Bottle

OLOW Junior Scientists at Home

Bending water with Static Electricity

Tornado in a Bottle

Daniel and Dora have been investigating magnetic force on household objects.

Paperclips are not naturally magnetic. On their own, they will not stick together to form a chain.

Using a magnet, the paperclips can become temporarily magnetized. The magnetic force is transferred through the metal paperclips.

Once the paperclips become magnetized you can place them together to form a chain. The same can be said for coins.

Magnetic force works through water and glass. Paperclips can be pulled from the glass without putting your hand into the glass.

Some more of our amazing scientists investigating how eggs can float in water.

More amazing scientists in OLOW!!

Vinegar Volcanoes, Static Electricity, Lava Lamps, Floating Eggs and Rainbow Skittles were investigated by these Super Scientists in Junior Infants!!

More fantastic experiments. Well done to all!

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