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Discovery Primary Science and Maths Award

Log of Evidence 2018/2019

Welcome to our submission for the Discovery Primary Science and Maths Award 2019. 

Our Lady of the Wayside National School 


***Links to all work in Red***

STEP 1: Science

Living Things:

  • Frogs, 1st class, Ms Martin

  • Growing Seeds, Junior Infants, Ms Donnelly

  • Nests, 1st class, Ms Martin

  • Mini-beast Hunt, Junior Infants, Ms Donnelly

  • Animal Kingdom, 3rd class, Ms Gibson

  • Spring Nature Walk, 2nd class, Ms O'Doherty

  • The Lungs, 6th class, Ms Galavan

  • Hatching Chicks, Junior Infants, Ms Donnelly

  • The Doctor Surgery, The Skeleton, Junior Infants, Ms Donnelly

  • Farm Animals, Junior Infants, Ms Donnelly

  • Soil and Growth, 5th class, Ms McGuinnes

  • The Dentist, Senior Infants, Ms Callender

  • The Vets, Senior Infants, Ms Callender

  • Pressed Flowers, 5th class, Ms McGuinness

  • Plants, Gardener Visit, Junior Infants, Ms Donnelly

Energy and Forces:

  • Egg Drop, 6th class, Ms Galavan

  • Floating and Sinking - Design a Boat, 2nd class, Ms O'Doherty

  • Magnets, Magnetic Maze and Fishing, 1st class, Ms Martin

  • Helicopters, 1st class, Ms Martin

  • Stained Glass, 1st class, Ms Martin

  • Types of Energy - Science Speaker, 3rd class, Ms Gibson

  • Energy - Science Speaker, 6th class, Ms Burns


  • Frankenworms, Junior Infants, Ms Donnelly, 2nd Ms O'Doherty

  • Felt Making, 1st class, Ms Martin

  • Rainbow Art, 1st class, Ms Martin

  • Invisible Ink and Berry Ink, 6th class, Ms Galavan, Ms Burns

  • Making Butter, Junior Infants, Ms Donnelly

  • Forensic Science Day, 5th class, Ms Grier-Gavin

  • Colour Rainbow, 2nd class, Ms O'Doherty


Environmental Awareness and Care:

  • Autumn Leaf Art, 1st class, Ms Martin

  • Habitats, 1st class, Ms Martin

  • Nature Trail, 1st class, Ms Martin

  • Climate Action, 6th class, Ms Galavan

  • Renewable Energy, 6th class, Ms Burns

  • Cool Planet, 3rd Classes, Ms Gibson and Ms Klein

Science Week Events:

Science Speaker:

  • Microsoft Coding - Hour of Code Speaker

  • CSI Workshop - Forensic Science Speaker

  • ​Chris Madden, Energy Workshops, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes

          Science workshop with Chris Madden by 3rd class, Ms Klein

Today our class did a workshop with a dad in the school called Chris Madden. He knows a lot about science and was able to show us a lot! First he talked to us about different types of energy. Then we worked in different groups and had different jobs to do. There were two groups who got to use Morse code and a machine to communicate to each other. There was another group that got to build a robot and make it show different colours. Then another group did coding. It was a really fun day and we learnt lots of cool science tricks.

Space Events:

  • Space, Junior Infants, Ms Donnelly

  • Designing and Making spacecrafts, 3rd class, Ms Gibson

  • Exploring the Planet, 3rd class, Ms Gibson

  • Landing a Lander for RTE, 5th class, Ms McGuinness

STEP 2: Technology


Technology in our school:

  • Experiments Write-ups and presenting research, The Lungs, 5th class, Ms McGuinness

  • Hour of Code, 5th class, Ms Grier Gavin

  • Laptops, 1st class, Ms Martin

  • Technology Survey, 3rd class, Ms Klein

  • Our Online Code, 4th class, Ms Dunne

STEP 3: Engineering

Design and making activities:

  • Bridge Building, 4th class, Ms Dunne

  • Construction, 1st class, Ms Martin

  • Viking Longboats,  3rd class, Ms Gibson

  • Drawbots, 6th class, Ms Galavan, 3rd class, Ms Gibson

  • Bridges, Boats, Planes and Rockets, 5th class, Ms McGuinness

  • Building Catapults, 6th class, Ms Burns

  • Roman Buildings, 6th class, Ms Burns

STEP 4: Mathematics

Mathematics in our school:

  • Length, 6th class, Ms Galavan

  • Math Week Trail, 6th Class, Ms Galavan

  • Math in Junior Infants

STEP 5: STEM Showcase

Presenting Science work:

  • Science Competition - Mini Scientist

  • RTE Presentation - Landing a Lander

  • Senior Infants Science Work, Senior Infants, Ms Hurley

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