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Bridge Building, 4th class, Ms Dunne

We split up into groups for this bridge building challenge. Each group was given the exact same materials to make sure it was a fair test. The materials that we were given were: straws, seollotape, lollipop sticks and wool/string. We were also allowed to use chairs. Each group was given the exact same length of time to build a stable bridge. We really enjoyed this activity!

Construction, 1st class, Ms Martin

We constructed many things throughout the year in First Class!

Viking Longboats, 3rd class, Ms Gibson

Drawbots, 6th class, Ms Galavan, 3rd class, Ms Gibson

6th class and their 3rd class buddies designed our own drawbots.

We were given a battery, battery holder, a motor and wires. We were then told that we had to make a circuit so that the motor would work and our robots would be able to move. At first, we discussed what to do in our groups and if we didn’t figure it out we were given some helpful hints.

We also had to design our robots, using a plastic cup, googley eyes and coloured paper. Once we had our robot designed, we stuck coloured markers to four sides of the cup. We then attached our circuits and turned the motor on. We placed the drawbots on some paper and away they went, creating some beautiful masterpieces!

Building Catapults, 6th class, Ms Burns

Roman Buildings, 6th class, Ms Burns

Planes, Trains and Rockets, 5th class, Ms McGuinness

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