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Board of Management


The 2024 Board of Management is as follows:


Patron’s Nominee:                        Rev John Canon Delany 

Patron's Nominee/ Chairperson:  Mr. Nigel Start

Principal:                                      Ms. Fiona Downes

Teacher Nominee:                        Ms. Helena Gannon

Parent Nominee:                          Mr. Ricky Gill

Parent Nominee:                          Ms. Miriam Ross

Community Nominee:                  Ms. Kathy McHugh

Community Nominee:                  Mr. Larry Roe


All primary schools are managed by a group of four or eight people who have a particular interest in the provision of primary schooling in their local area. In Our Lady of the Wayside this team is made up of a chairperson, principal, treasurer, two parents’ representatives, one teacher, one representative of the patron and one community representative who has a particular interest or expertise. Meetings take place on a monthly basis or when deemed necessary.

Responsibilities of the Board

The duties of the Board of Management are clearly defined in law and the parents’ role in this is fully acknowledged.

The responsibilities of the board should include:
- Ensuring the quality of pupil learning.

- Ensuring the high quality of teaching by staff.

- Reviewing the school plan and the school policies.

The Board of Management provides leadership and ensures effective management of the school, within an agreed school budget and a framework of accountability. 

Value of serving on the board.

Serving on the Board of Management of your children’s school is a very important role. You have the opportunity to influence the management of the school in a practical way. You and your fellow board members will look after the overall running of the school, from ensuring that the building is safe and of the highest quality possible, to employing staff and overseeing the allocation of the school’s budget. The Board of Management has the final say in all important decisions that are made for the school, so it is vital that the parents are a part of that.

Parents are the primary educators of their children and this important role should continue when the children go to school. This calls for a real partnership between the school and the parents. This is best achieved when parents are involved in the aims of the school and the school’s activities. Central to this partnership and involvement is parental membership of and full commitment to the boards that manage our schools.

Research shows and experience tells us that where parents are involved in their school, children do better and are happier. What more reason could you want to get involved in the management of the school?

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