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OLOW Science Fair 2022


OLOW Science Fair will take place between 28th November and 2nd December 2022. The Science Fair is open to 4th, 5th and 6th class students. 


Students are welcome to investigate topics which they have an interest in. Projects will consist of a Visual Display (Poster/Powerpoint) and a demonstration of your experiment. 

The Scientific Method

1. Ask a question - What interests me? I have always wondered why this happened. I have always wondered how this happened. I have always wondered what caused this to occur.

2. Observations - Write down what I already know about my question. I know that .... 

3. Research - Ask others what they think the answer might be. Look up information on my topic on the internet to find out more information about my question.

4. Hypothesis - A hypothesis is a prediction or possible explanation for my question. I will write down what I think the answer to my question is.

5. Investigate - What will I do to try to prove my answer. I will carry out a set of steps to try to prove my hypothesis. I will write down the materials I will need and the steps that I will take.

6. Collect Data - I will collect information during my investigation/experiment. 

7. Observations - I will look at my results and think about what they are telling me. Was my hypothesis correct?

8. Conclusion - I will share my results and say what the answer to my question is. 

Examples of Investigations (Click on the links to open the PowerPoints)

          - What solid materials dissolve in cold water?

          - Which laundry detergent is the best to remove a stain? 

          - What hand cleaning method is best? 



Visual Display Guidelines

Students are welcome to use posters, dioramas, PowerPoints or models to display their projects. Diagrams, graphs and photographs are important when documenting your investigations, as well as a re-creation of an experiment. 

To view the Science Fair Investigation plan/Scientific Method outline, click here.

There will be an OLOW winner from each of the four classes involved as well as an overall winner of the OLOW Science Fair. 

We look forward to seeing your investigations!

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