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 Science Week 2022

Science Week takes place from the 14th - 18th November 2022. As part of science week, we are encouraging students to participate in science at school and at home. Below are a list of some experiments that you can participate in at home.  Please get involved and take pictures of your science investigations. Pictures of your participation can be emailed to along with your name and class. These pictures will be posted on our website.  Each student who participates will be entered into either a Junior draw (Junior Infants - 2nd class) or a Senior draw (3rd - 6th class). One winner will be chosen from each draw. We look forward to hearing about and seeing your science investigations. 

  1. Walking Water

  2. Roll a Can 

  3. Egg Drop Challenge

  4. Fun with Density

  5. Fireworks in a Glass

  6. Lava Lamp

  7. Floating Eggs

  8. Vinegar Volcano

  9. Invisible Ink

  10. Bending Water

  11. Tornado in a bottle

  12. Make a Parachute

  13. Diet Coke and Mentos Eruption

  14. Rain Cloud in  a Jar

  15. Make a Stethoscope 

  16. Lemon Fizzy Drink

  17. Raw or Boiled Egg

  18. Moving Molecules

  19. Steel Wool and Vinegar

  20. Ice Overflow

View last year's OLOW Scientist at Home photographs on our website. 

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