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Our School Library

Our school library reopened on Monday 24th April 2023

In early January 2023, we began the process of renovating our school library. Over 6,000 books needed to be sorted, many recent titles have been retained in the library while some older, damaged books were kept for a recycling project. Pupils, teachers and SNAs were surveyed and a list of popular book titles, favourite authors and topics of interest were compiled. New and existing books have been organised and colour coded and we are delighted to have our school library open again.

Our School Garden

Our school garden is a wonderful resource for our students. It enables them to care for other living things, experience the joy of nature, learn and put into practice ecological principles as well as being physically active.

Our school garden consists of :

  • Twelve raised beds - Each class has the opportunity to grow vegetables and flowers in their raised beds. 

  • An outdoor classroom - A wooden table and benches allows for instruction and lessons to take place outside.

  • An insect hotel - This is an insect habitat made up of different levels for various insects.

It is our intention that the garden will be used by each class throughout the year for planting, bird watching and cross curricular activities.


ICT is an important part of our school. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, providing access to an endless amount of interactive resources and activities.


In 2017, our school purchased two laptop trolleys and 32 laptops for use by students from first to sixth class. The purchase of these laptops has been invaluable in furthering the teaching and learning of students across all subjects. Each student has a CyberSmarties account to stop cyber bullying and to educate positive online behaviour, as well as a Nessy account to help students of all abilities with reading, writing and spelling. Students will use software such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photostory and Scratch throughout the year. 


We have won a Digital School Award and we hope to further improve and expand our ICT.



" Children work together in small groups using real cubes to not only solve the number, algebra, data and shape / space problems we pose, but also to develop ideas and create tasks and questions of their own.”  Izak9

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