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Friday Assemblies


In Our Lady of the Wayside, we value assembly as we see it as an opportunity for students to learn from each other and take inspiration from their peers. We believe that our assemblies have the potential to nurture and maintain a positive, healthy school culture which binds everyone together. Our weekly whole school assembly helps build a culture of communication and representation of academic and co-curriculum activities.

In Our Lady of the Wayside, the Student Council is responsible for the coordination and organisation of assembly. This includes, but is not limited to, establishing a schedule of events, arranging the hall and sound system and hosting the assembly.  While this is a momentous task, the pupils take it in their stride, rotating the jobs weekly so everyone has an opportunity to fulfil each role. The pupils on the Student Council see our weekly assemblies as an influential event to instil camaraderie and a sense of school spirit in the rest of the school, and they achieve this with the utmost sense of maturity.

A typical assembly in Our Lady of the Wayside would last thirty minutes. Assemblies change week by week and may have specific themes throughout the calendar year; however, a typical assembly would run as follows:

  1. Welcome from the Student Council

  2. Classes show casing their work

  3. Committees relaying messages to the school

  4. Obair Aláinn awards

  5. Conclusion message from the Principal

So as you can imagine, it’s a jam packed 30 minutes!

We truly believe the pupils in our school benefit through attending and participating in a weekly assembly. At the end of assembly, watching the smiling faces and soaking in the buzzing atmosphere only validates this for the whole school community. 

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