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Energy and Forces


Egg Drop

Energy and forces > Forces

6th class, Ms Galavan

Types of Energy

Energy and Forces 

3rd class, Ms Gibson







Energy and Forces > Forces

1st class Ms Martin























Floating and Sinking - Design a Boat

Energy and Forces > Forces

2nd class Ms O' Doherty




















Stained Glass Windows

Energy and Forces > Exploring Light

1st class, Ms Martin




















Magnets, Magnet Maze and Fishing

Energy and Forces > Electricity and Magnetism

1st class, Ms Martin

















Energy and Forces

6th class, Ms Burns

Sixth Class were given the following scientific question to investigate - Can you design a system that will protect an egg from a fall? They really enjoyed designing an object that would protect an egg from cracking when dropped from a height.

Third Class had a visit from Chris Madden who told them about different types of energy. They conducted investigations based on energy and they really enjoyed these.


First Class learned about gravity and that gravity is a force through this helicopter activity. Students made helicopters using paper and paperclips and dropped them from a height. The shape of the helicopter rotor blades made it spin when dropped from a height. Gravity pulled the helicopter down. The air resisted the movement and pushed up each rotor separately, causing the helicopter to spin. They looked at how the size of the rotor blade affected how the helicopter fell. We really enjoyed this activity and we used our measuring skills from maths during our investigation.

2nd Class were studying The Titanic and as part of it we had a Titanic Day. We did an experiment where we made little boats out of tinfoil and tested how many passengers they could hold. The passengers were chickpeas. The most one boat could hold was 153!

Task: Design and create a stained glass window that uses sunlight to shine coloured shapes into the classroom.

Children created their own stained glass windows, using a sheet of hard A4 paper and multi-coloured tissue paper, scissors and glue.

Students explored how our eyes see the sunlight as different colours when looking through the stained glass window.

First class learned all about magnets. Their ‘buddy class’ made them a ‘Magnet Maze’ to play with to help them learn about the properties of magnets.

The students used magnets of different shapes and sizes to explore their effects on different materials. They investigated that magnets attract magnetic materials and that magnets attract materials through water.

Chris Madden came into our class to teach us the types of energy and what they do. He taught us how to create different types of energy. Some of these energies are called solar energy, motion energy and potential energy. He brought in an electronics kit to show us how energy can cause water to spray out of a tube or make a plant start to talk when it’s thirsty. We did this by putting a tube that reads the moisture in the soil and tells the speaker to say “I’m thirsty” when it’s too dry. One of the groups were able to send messages to another in morse code and translating them to words. Another group was able to make a sensor to find how much light was inside a coloured card. There were 7 cards, white being the brightest and black being the darkest. So at the end we were able to make a talking plant, a light sensor and message groups with Morse code.

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