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Length, 6th Class, Ms Galavan

6th class have been working on length. They have worked on comparing millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres and the relationships between these units of measurement.

‘We talked about the relationship between millimetres and centimetres and how to change millimetres into a decimal of a centimetre. We did some measuring of items in the classroom and then we played a matching game with different measurements on cards’

‘We also had to find the circumference of a roll of sellotape. This was a little tricky because our rulers wouldn’t bend to measure around the circle. We had to figure out different ways to measure the circumference. Some people got pieces of paper and wrapped them around and then measured the paper. Others decided to find the diameter of the circle and then multiply it by 3 to get a rough idea. Another idea was to cut a piece of string and wrap it around the sellotape and then measure the string against a ruler’

‘For the next activities we went out to the yard and used metre sticks, rulers and measuring tapes to find lengths, widths and perimeters. For some measurements we estimated in centimetres and then converted these to a decimal of a metre. For other activities e.g. perimeter of the basketball court, we estimated in metres and then converted this measurement to a decimal of a kilometre’

Math Week Trail, 6th Class, Ms Galavan

Math in Junior Infants

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