3rd Class, Ms Gibson

Exploring the Planets

Third Class have been learning all about the Solar System and the planets. They have created amazing projects on the planets and presented these projects to the class. 



 3rd Class, Ms Gibson

Designing and Making Spacecrafts



 Junior Infants, Ms Donnelly


Junior Infants are learning all about Space. They have learned the names of the planets in the solar syatem and they are learning about the importance of the sun and day and night. They created their own planets and the creatures that live on htese planets. They are really lots of stories based on space and the solar system. They are learning about astronauts and the story of Neil Armstrong. They have their own space shuttle in their classroom and they are collect moon rocks to investigate them. 



5th class 

Landing a Lander

Science Week 2018

RTE Presentation

Fifth class were invited to present a science investigation on RTE as part of Science Week!  


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