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Hour of Code 2018

On 5th December 2018 members of the Microsoft Education team came to teach Ms. Grier-Gavin’s 5th Class how to code as part of the worldwide Hour of Code initiative.

During the hour, Fifth class learned how to move around a Minecraft game by inputting instructions into their laptop. There were 12 levels to the game which the children were able to progress through, all the while developing their coding skills.

We thoroughly enjoyed it and will be able to build on our knowledge of coding during our laptop time.

Ms. Grier-Gavin’s 5th Class


First class love using their school laptops!


Presenting Projects

Fifth class use their laptops to research information and present their projects.

Technology Survey by 3rd class, Ms Klein

Technology Survey

We were inspired by a report on News 2day that said if a child has a phone from the age of 9 she will do worse on school tests when she’s 13. So we decided to do some surveys to see how much technology people in our school use. We came up with some questions that we thought would be good to ask like how often do you pick up your phone each day, what kind of apps do you use and whether or not you think you’re addicted. Then we interviewed the staff, the children in each class and even our parents! We found that most people in our school community are addicted to their devices and are spending too much time on their devices each day.

We set ourselves a challenge to see if we could pledge to go without or cut down on using devices for 1 week. 21 people in our class pledged to go without devices for 1 week and 5 people pledged to cut down. We found it difficult at times, especially when our brothers and sisters were using devices around us. We used our time instead to read, do creative things like art, play outside and relax. We all made it through the week and got a certificate. We learned how important it is to be aware of how much we’re using our devices and trying to cut down if we feel we’re too addicted.

Our Online Code

Fourth Class, Ms Dunne

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