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Our Class Websites

  • Junior Infants a:  Katrina Donnelly

  • Junior Infants b:  Clara McCarthy

  • Senior Infants a:  Eve Martin 

  • Senior Infants:  Gráinne Hurley

  • 1st Class: Lavinia Annett

  • 2nd Class a:  Rachel Dillon

  • 2nd Class b:  Sophia Klein

  • 3rd Class:  Emma Howley

  • 4th Class:  Laura Burns

  • 5th Class a: Katie Conry

  • 5th Class b:  Eleanor Grier-Gavin 

  • 6th Class a:  Katie Galavan 

   * Some Classes are using Twitter instead of a Class Website to  keep you

     informed of their daily events.

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