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Environmental Awareness and Care

Leave No Trace

Environmental Awareness and Care 

4th class, Ms Dunne






Nature Scavenger Hunt

Environemntal Awareness and Care

2nd class, Ms Donnelly






Renewable Energy

Environmental Awareness and Care

6th class, Ms Burns

Look at our work here!

Autumn Leaves

Environmental Awareness and Care

1st and 2nd class















Walkability Survey

Environmental Awareness and Care

4th class, Ms Klein

Why is the North pole melting faster than the South pole?

Environmental Awareness and Care

4th class, Ms Klein





We were lucky to be asked to take part in the “Leave No Trace” workshop as part of our Green School initiative. We loved getting to go outside and explore the school garden every week, learning how important it is to take care of the environment. 

We went on a natural hunt around our school and in our school garden. We looked at living things and materials and noted their properties.

We read about wind turbines and how they work. We were then given the task of building our own wind turbines from the materials given - a pencil, sellotape and card. The wind turbine would then lift a plastic cup on a piece of string. We used a hair dryer to create wind.  We also learned about solar panels. We learned that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be change from one form into another. We made solar powered cars and left them in the sun. 

Fourth class taking a walkability survey to examine the local roads.

We carried out an experiment inspired by our Geography study of the Arctic and Antarctic – we posed the question ‘Why is the North pole melting faster than the South pole?’ We then investigated the density and properties of ice in a big block and in small chunks and how it melts quicker in small chunks.

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