OLOW Junior Scientists at Home

Look what happens when you add Mentos to Diet Coke!

A great Lava Lamp created by this Junior Infant! Well done!

Did you know that oil and water don't like to mix?! Oil floats on top of water because it has a lower density than water. If you add some washing up liquid to the mixture and give it a shake, you'll see the oil and water mixing together!

This Super Scientist brought his Lava Lamp to school! 

Does an egg float in water?


A fresh egg will sink to the bottom of a container of water because the egg is denser than the water. If you add some salt to the water, the water becomes more dense and the egg floats on the salty water! This was a super experiment!

More amazing scientists making fizzy lemonade! Well done!


Bending water with Static Electricity

You can bend water with static electricity produced by combing your hair or rubbing it with an inflated balloon.

The static electricity attracts the stream of water from the tap, bending it towards the comb like magic! 

We have some excellent scientists in Junior Infants making lava lamps and making an egg float!

These Infant Scientists have taken part in some great investigations! Well Done!

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