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As we are working towards claiming our 3rd Green Flag for Water the Green School Committee have come up with some ways of saving water that you could use at home.



Here are our top 10 tips:




  1. Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth.

  2. Take a shower instead of a bath.

  3. Only fill the kettle to the amount you need.

  4. Fill the dishwasher fully before turning it on.

  5. Make sure the washing machine is full before using it.

  6. Cool drinking water in the fridge so you don’t have to run the tap until it cools.

  7. Use a basin to rinse/wash fruit and vegetables.

  8. Invest in a water butt in the garden to collect rainwater for watering the flowers.

  9. Use a watering can instead of a hose if possible

  10. Check for leaking taps regularly.




”Slow the flow of H2O”

Green Schools Update

The Green-school committee has updated its team with two new representatives from classes from 2-6. These representatives will be on the committee for 2014/2015. This year we are working towards getting our 3rd Green Flag - The Water Flag. In order to gain this flag we will be highlighting he importance of saving water and we will be monitoring the level of water used in the school. We thank you for your help and support in doing this.

We are working on maintaining our two green flags- Waste Flag and Energy Flag.

Waste Flag
We continue to recycle in every classroom in our school. We have three separate bins to help with this: Paper Bin, Fruit and Skins Bin and a Rubbish Bin. Each week the Fruit and Skins waste is collected and disposed of in our composting area in our school grounds.
3-6 Class students monitor the Paper Bins each week to ensure that each classroom is recycling correctly. They then report back to each class to inform of any incorrect recycling that may be happening.
Students also observe what is being placed into the Fruit and Skins bins and report back weekly to every class.

We continue to save on energy by switching off the lights in all rooms when not absolutely needed; we keep doors closed in order to keep rooms warm. If a room gets too hot we turn the radiators off before opening the windows and we have timers and thermostats installed on the boilers.

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