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OLOW Science Fair 2019


OLOW Science Fair will take place on Thursday, 28th November. The Science Fair is open to 4th, 5th and 6th class students.


The theme for Science Week 2019 is Climate Action! Science Week 2019 will focus on understanding climate change, how science and technology can help us create a positive climate future, and the impact we as individuals can have on climate change. While one person may feel unable to make a difference on their own, a collective effort to offset our carbon emissions will have a positive impact.


Students are welcome to investigate topics relating to Climate Change or topics which they have an interest in. Projects will consist of a Project Book and a Visual Display.


Project Book Guidelines

1. Registration Form – This contains the name of the students involved, a team name and the name of the investigation.

2. Contents page – This contains the sections and page numbers.

3. Introduction – Why did you do the project and what do you hope to learn? What is the problem that you plan to investigate?

4. Main Information – What did you find out about your chosen topic?

5. Experimental Methods – Describe any experiments you carried out or learned about, diagrams and illustrations are valuable here.

6. Conclusions – What did you learn? What key discoveries did you make? What did you enjoy most about doing the project?

7. Acknowledgements – At the end of the report acknowledge any help you received.

8. References – List any books, websites or articles that helped you in your project.



Visual Display Guidelines

Students are welcome to use posters, dioramas, PowerPoints or models to display their projects. Diagrams, graphs and photographs are important when documenting your investigations, as well as a re-creation of an experiment. As the theme for this year is Climate Change, please try to minimise the amount of paper used. The creative use of recycled materials is preferable. 

To view the Science Fair Investigation plan/Scientific Method outline, click here.


There will be an OLOW winner from each of the five classes involved as well as an overall winner of the OLOW Science Fair. 

We look forward to seeing your investigations on the 28th November!

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